Our Story

What's important to us:

To expand awareness of the importance of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) to all Americans and get more people involved in CPR. The more people who know and apply CPR will help to increase the number of people rescued from a cardiac event. LYFETYMER® Metronome Company can successfully contribute to this goal via an ever expanding offering of Everyday Products for Everyday People (and Professionals as well) that include a built in CPR Metronome to support proper chest compression cadence.


  • Meaningful purpose in product development; to resolve problems and achieve positive outcomes for people utilizing our products.
  • Listen to the people who know their profession and then develop products to meet their specific needs.
  • Maintain the highest quality standards while using technology to extract cost so as to provide cost effective solutions.
  • Take pride in what we do to deliver real value to our customers.
  • Conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner so that our customers can have complete confidence in our organization.
  • Work smart, work hard and have fun at what we are doing.

LYFETYMER® Metronome Company

Division of Lazarus Medical Group, Inc
6 Leland Court – Suite 101
Centereach, NY 11720-1204

Corporate Offices:

(631) 736-3239 Phone
(631) 736-3188 Fax
Cordes Direct (516) 818-9533