CPR Education

As the "Standards" evolve for CPR and CPR "Just Hands" providing the victim Chest Compressions; it is important to have a guide to administer these chest compressions at the proper cadence. At this time, AHA, has determined it is a minimum of 100 per minute; to create perfusion and get oxygenated blood to the brain.

Dr. Ahamed Idris (with his extensive work in Emergency Medicine and acknowledged expertise) had done a study (2012): “Relationship Between Chest Compression Rates and Outcomes From Cardiac Arrest that supports the following findings:

  • Less than 100 chest compressions per minute: Not effective
  • More than 120 chest compressions per minute: Not effective

The ‘Sweet Spot’ as acknowledged by Dr. Idris is 110 chest compressions per minute.

Education is key to training people correctly in the administration of CPR and the proper way to apply the chest compressions. Once given proper training in CPR (taking a certified course) enters LYFETYMER® Metronome Company to provide products that will help guide those who apply CPR to cardiac victims in keeping the proper cadence. Our metronomes can be a valuable asset to an already trained provider.

One of our objectives is to provide cost effective products that promote the efficacy and awareness of being CPR Trained and also be there, if and when needed in an actual emergency.