CPR Education

The fact is that the average response time in the USA until professional help arrives (First Responders) is ten (10) minutes.

So, after you call 911 (which is the very first thing one should do if you encounter someone having a cardiac event) during those ten minutes? Get in and do 'Just Hands' Chest Compressions!

What a Bystander does in those ten minutes can literally, make the difference between life and death. The current USA Save Rate for cardiac event patients is a dismal 6%.


The more people we make aware, the more people we get involved in taking a certified CPR course; the better the chance of improving the national Save Rate. Thus, this is our concept: To create Everyday Products for Everyday People that make them aware of CPR and also act as something they might very well have on their person if they encounter a cardiac victim.

Ball point pens with built in CPR metronomes. Key chain fobs with CPR metronomes and so forth. The more people we get involved, the better our chances for success!

Due to limited capitalization, we at LYFETYMER® Metronome Company can only do so much at one time. We do feel however, that we are moving in the right direction so it is: CPR EVERYONE!