First Responders

All our professional First Responders are trained and certified in CPR. Many of the newer pieces of equipment, such as defibulators, may have a built in guide; a metronome for CPR Chest Compression Cadence. This is a testament to how important this is. However, while you may be first to arrive, that equipment may not be in your possession; or many departments have older equipment which does not have a built in metronome for this purpose.

The same cadence requirements apply to all, the Professional First Responder, as it does to anyone:

  • Less than 100 chest compressions per minute: Not effective
  • More than 120 chest compressions per minute: Not effective
  • The 'Sweet Spot' as acknowledged by Dr. Idris is 110 chest compressions per minute

This was actually the motivation for starting LYFETYMER® Metronome Company in 2006. That Professional First Responders could utilize small, inexpensive timing devices for application of ventilation (via BVM, one breath administered every six seconds – ten (10) per minute) or latter, for chest compressions at a minimum of 100 per minute. Over the past eight (8) years LYFETYMER® Metronome Company has sold over 40,000 of these disposable, LED units in EMS, Hospitals and other services. It validates to us that we are doing something right and supporting a good cause towards more positive patient outcomes.

Our current trend is to take this to the next level. To bring additional products that Professionals can utilize; our new ‘First Responder’ reusable pen with built in CPR Metronome (as well as other helpful features). But, then to take it to the general public to get more folks involved in CPR.